Cara Schulz, Burnsville City Council

As an elected Libertarian in municipal office, I encourage you to support Dave Holsinger as the only advocate for fiscal responsibility in the Ward 8 city council race. He shares the values of social tolerance and openness that are a hallmark of Minneapolis as a city – but he will also work to reduce government interference in citizens’ lives. Whether through police reform, limiting regulations on businesses, or reducing the tax burden on citizens, Dave is committed to serving as a voice for individual freedoms.

I know Dave from our campaign work together as Libertarian activists; he is a former candidate for state legislature and volunteer for Gary Johnson’s 2016 campaign. In those roles, he has spoken to thousands of Minnesotans about Libertarian values, and I know he recognizes how well our message of minimizing government resonates with Minnesotans. He is a tireless “freedom fighter” who should be a welcome addition and a badly-needed alternative voice on the DFL-dominated Minneapolis City Council.