Things That Make Me Happy


smiling hurleyThere are many like them, but these dorks are mine. I used to volunteer at the CARE shelter in Evanston, IL, and fell in love with the breed. Given that there are so many of them in shelters, and they're such good dogs, I felt that I had to take a couple home with me. (Not at the same time.) The smiling dork is Hurley, the silver fox is Izzie

If you'd like to donate to a pit bull support organization, Save-A-Bull MN does great work.

Yak Shaving

yak shavingIt seems like much of my life is spent shaving yaks. The term means something roughly like - trying to complete a task that then turns into an infinite cascade of related tasks. In my own life, it might look something like this - I want to shave this yak, but I can't find a razor. When I go to the bathroom to get a razor, I discover I'm out of shaving cream. When I go to the drugstore to get shaving cream, I realize that I have prescriptions to refill. I wait in line for 15 minutes and then find out that my insurance has changed. I come home to fix my insurance information, and realize that I haven't updated my personal info on a dozen other sites. Pretty soon, I have spent half the afternoon sitting in front of the computer.

Being Off Social Media

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